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Equiom (Malta) Limited was established in 2012 and has grown both organically and through the acquisition of Malta based fiduciary business DF Corporate Services Limited in September 2017.

Our Malta teams’ excellent local knowledge, leading reputation and high standards of corporate governance has gained annual recognition at the prestigious Citywealth International Financial Centre Awards where Equiom Malta was named Trust Company of the Year in 2017 and 2018.

Why choose Malta?

  • Full EU member since 2004 and a member of the Eurozone since 2008
  • 70+ double taxation agreements
  • Excellent legal and regulatory framework
  • Attractive corporate tax regime and limited withholding tax
  • Ability to re-domicile into Malta
Equiom (Malta) Limited is authorised to act as a trustee and fiduciary services provider by the Malta Financial Services Authority


  • Citywealth - International Financial Centre Awards
    • Malta Trust Company of the Year - 2018 & 2017
  • ACQ5 Awards
    • Full Service Company Formation Services Provider of the Year - 2018
    • Trust Company of the Year - 2018
  • European Business Awards
    • National Champion - Equiom (Malta) Limited - 2015

Malta Services

Our team in Malta offers a comprehensive range of corporate services, as well as onshore EU opportunities. Services include establishment and administration of trusts, asset protection through appropriate structuring, guidance on Maltese citizenship, eBusiness, Maltese payroll, shipping, yachting and aviation.

  • Aviation

    High value investments demand a high level of service

    Equiom Malta's aviation team has proven expertise in this highly specialised field, greatly valued by a wide range of corporate and private clients. Each individual structure is bespoke and can be provided in a number of jurisdictions.

    Our clients’ assets are managed and cared for by highly-trained and experienced professionals. We have established a range of rigorous management structures that meet stringent technical requirements, for a diverse fleet of business jets and helicopters.

    We offer the following aviation services:

    • Aircraft registration
    • Aircraft administration
    • Management and financial reporting
    • Leasing and insurance agreements
  • Company Services

    Our corporate insight gives you valuable foresight

    Equiom simplifies the complex process of forming a company in Malta. Our expertise has grown out of years of providing market-leading services - so we understand more than most the way that the corporate world works. Over the years, we have helped to incorporate and administer companies on behalf of a wide range of private and corporate clients, providing insight and advice on the appropriate structures for individual circumstances.

    We assist with company formation, including fiduciary, tax and legal requirements, with full administration and accounting support. We can also provide key personnel, including company directors, nominee shareholders and secretarial services.

    We offer the following company services:

    • Tailored information on the appropriate company structures
    • Formation, registration and administration of a company
    • Multi-jurisdictional corporate solutions
    • Provision of fiduciary and legal requirements
    • Key personnel services
    • Company secretary, registered office and agent facilities
    • Shipping Companies
    • Investment holding
    • Trading companies
    • Private trust companies
    • Open and closed-end investment companies
    • Limited partnerships (partnership en commandite) 
    • Corporate strategy and objectives
    • Escrow services
    • Registered office facilities
    • Redomiciliation
  • Immigration


    Malta offers a number of programmes to support non nationals of the European Union (EU), European Economic Area (EEA) or Switzerland to take up residence in Malta.

    We can provide you with specialist advice for the various migration schemes offered by Malta, tailored to meet your individual requirements.

    Our immigration services include:

    • The Global Residence Programme (GRP)
    • The Malta Residence and Visa Programme
  • Management Accounting

    The lifeblood of any well-run organisation

    We can prepare management accounts (profit and loss and balance sheet) for you, the frequency of which can be tailored to your needs (e.g. monthly, quarterly, bi-annually, annually).

  • Real Estate

    We provide professional advisory, ownership structuring and associated administration of real estate portfolios across multiple market sectors including residential, commercial, retail, leisure and mixed use. Our structures are bespoke to meet your needs, whether you're a developer, single investor or investing pooled funds. 

    We provide a deep, sector-relevant understanding of effective corporate governance for real estate investment. With their exacting governance, our experts help deliver the key knowledge and insights only gained from decades serving the real estate industry. 

    Download our real estate service overview here


    Our real estate services include: 

    • Tailored real estate solutions
    • Mixed use developments
    • Residential or commercial investment
    • Buy-to-let investments
    • Funding solutions
    • Planning consent
    • Tax and VAT advice


    • Professional administration of real estate portfolios across all market sectors (residential, commercial, retail, leisure, mixed use)
    • Bespoke structuring to meet your needs, whether you are a developer or investor
    • Strong network of professional intermediaries within real estate sector
    • Choice of vehicle to suit single investor or a pooled fund approach
  • Shipping

    We understand the needs of ship owners

    Our shipping team has substantial experience of ship registration in a variety of jurisdictions, both in and outside of the EU.

    Our services include:

    • Ship registration and administration
    • Resident agent services
    • Ship financing
  • Statutory Accounting & Tax

    Keeping your business compliant every step of the way

    We can prepare your statutory financial statements and liaise with auditors to complete their statutory audit of these financial statements. We will also manage your tax compliance obligations for you.

    Our services include the preparation of the word version of the annual statutory financial statements which would then be subject to the statutory audit.


  • Trusts & Foundations

    Trust is something that is earned

    We are proud to have an enviable and award winning reputation as leading professional trustees in Malta formed from years of experience in the industry and are dedicated to maintaining the prosperity of our clients.

    We understand the importance of protecting and enhancing the wealth of the individuals and companies we work with.

    We specialise in the establishment of trusts and foundations which we carefully administer in addition to overseeing the structure's legal and tax status by providing regular accounting and financial reporting.

    We also offer bespoke planning solutions, including estate planning, to ensure that our private clients prepare as best they can for their future generations. 

    Our trust services include: 

    • The establishment and administration of trusts
    • Foundations
    • Assistance in the preparation of trust settlement agreements and assistance in the preparation and completion of any other ancillary documentation
    • Procurement of integrated administrative, custodian and management services through our network of preferred working partners
    • Dedicated accounting and financial reporting
  • Yachting

    The world's elite superyachts deserve the best protection

    Equiom Malta's yachting team manage a portfolio of ownership structures for some of the world’s most prestigious and valuable superyachts. This entails the setting up of structures tailored to your needs, giving particular attention to tax and VAT compliant and commercially efficient solutions, in addition to commercial or private registration and importation.

    Our structures are bespoke and can be provided in a number of jurisdictions. The choice of jurisdiction is driven by our clients’ needs and the specific business advantages that the chosen location offers.

    We offer the following yachting services: 

    • Yacht registration - private/commercial
    • Yacht administration
    • Management and financial reporting
    • Yacht leasing
    • Purchase and sale
    • Yacht importation
    • Mortgage registration
    • Yacht financing
    • Resident Agent services

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