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Cookies are small files that are sent to your computer or mobile device when you visit our website. They are used to make our website work more efficiently, as well as providing us with information to help us develop the site, making it more user friendly and relevant.

This website uses the following cookies:


  • - Web analytics tool used to distinguish users and the number of unique visitors to the Chinese site

Google Analytics:

  • _ga – Web analytics tool used to distinguish users. You can opt out of Google Analytics cookies.
  • _utma – Determines the number of unique visitors to the site.
  • _utmb – Works with _utmc to calculate the average length of time you spend on our site.
  • _utmc – Works with _utmb to calculate when you close your browser.
  • _utmvz – Provides information about how you reached the site (e.g. from another website or a search engine).

Google Tag Manager:

  • Used to collect information on which links users click on to access the website, such as links from adverts or social media posts, and allows us to analyse which areas of the website are most popular by monitoring which areas are most frequently accessed. 

LinkedIn Analytics:

  • LinkedIn Insight Tag – Tells us how many people have clicked on our LinkedIn articles and adverts.

Website Performance and Personalisation:

  • drupal.visitor.equiom_location – Saves details of the last location the user visited in order to personalise the contact bar.
  • drupal.visitor.equiom_team_member – Saves details of the last team member the user tried to contact in order to personalise the contact bar.
  • drupal.visitor.equiom_service – Saves details of the last service the user saw in order to personalise the services that are shown on the homepage.
  • drupal.visitor.equiom_service_category – Saves details of the last service categories the user visited in order to personalise the homepage.
  • equiom_selected_language – Remembers the user’s preferred language.
  • equiom_dismiss_cookies – Records that the user has seen the cookie bar and accepted the cookie policy.

Your internet browser should allow you to control which cookies you accept, clear them individually, or clear all of them. The website gives advice on how to do this in a wide variety of desktop browsers.

If you choose to disable cookies you may find you are not able to access all the content of our website, or that some functions do not operate fully.

Online Advertising Cookies 

Equiom places advertising on other websites and social media to sites across the internet.  Some of the sites, such as Google, Facebook and LinkedIn, place their own cookies onto your devices when you click on our ads.  The cookies enable those sites to monitor your internet usage and provide us with information that enables us to place our ads on other internet sites you access.  
You can opt-out of these types of cookies in a number of ways, including:

  • By reviewing and updating your device settings
  • By visiting an ad preference site such as YourAdChoices or Network Advertising Initiative and opt-out of receiving ads
  • By visiting Google Ad Settings and updating your preferences

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