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In 2016 the Equiom Group acquired Heritage Trust Group, a leading trust and corporate services business with a presence in Singapore, Hong Kong and the British Virgin Islands (BVI). This acquisition allowed Equiom to further expand its global reach in addition to complementing the existing services offered.

As part of the international Equiom Group, our Singapore office provides access to international solutions from a number of key jurisdictions.

Equiom’s Singapore team has a wealth of knowledge and experience to help you meet your goals in Asia.

Why choose Singapore?

  • World-class infrastructure, telecommunications and public services
  • Top rated jurisdiction for ease of doing business
  • Pragmatic and stable political environment based on the rule of law
  • Low effective personal and corporate tax rates
Equiom Trust Services Pte. Ltd. is licensed by The Monetary Authority of Singapore
Equiom Fiduciary Services Pte. Ltd. is a Registered Filing Agent approved by The Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority of Singapore


  • ACQ5 Awards
    • Full Service Company Formation Services Provider of the Year - 2018
    • Trust Company of the Year - 2018
  • Citywealth - International Financial Centre Awards
    • Hong Kong & Singapore Trust Company of the Year - 2017

Singapore Services

Our experienced Singapore team can support individuals or businesses wishing to set up or expand in Asia and assist with the many aspects that need to be considered including structuring, licences, tax compliance, legal and regulatory requirements.

  • Additional Services

    We can support you every step of the way 

    Our global footprint combined with local insight and industry knowledge are able to advice you and provide support along the entire lifecycle of your business.

    Our services include: 

    • Hold mail services
    • Registered address for business correspondence
    • Virtual office services
  • Client Accounting

    Making sure the numbers are right

    Our client accounting service enables our clients to make informed business decisions through the provision of regular, timely and relevant financial and statistical information. It is the lifeblood of all well-run businesses, used to drive performance, inform strategy, maximise profit and enable comprehensive analyses to highlight issues.

    Our services include:

    • Financial reporting
    • Compilation and analysis of financial statements for our clients
    • Preparation and submission of tax returns for Singapore companies
  • Company Services

    Our corporate insight gives you valuable foresight

    For clients thinking of forming a company, Equiom Singapore simplifies the process by helping them decide on the right jurisdiction and structure for their company.

    Our full suite of fiduciary services are provided by our team of qualified and dedicated professionals who are responsible for the administration of companies, maintenance of statutory records and ensuring compliance with statutory and regulatory requirements in the relevant jurisdiction. 

    Equiom’s expertise has grown out of long-established firms and years of providing market-leading services, so we understand more than most the way that the corporate world works. Over the years, we have helped to incorporate and administer companies and foundations on behalf of a wide range of clients - ultimately protecting their interests.

    Our services include:

    • Advisory on structures for private and corporate clients
    • Company formation, including fiduciary and regulatory requirements
    • Provision of key personnel, including company nominee directors, nominee shareholders, nominee secretaries and secretarial services
    • Consultation on Investment holding and trading companies
    • Opening of bank accounts
    • Providing registered office and registered agent facilities
    • Incorporation of shelf companies
    • Bank signatories
    • Correspondence addresses
    • Foundations/trusts
  • Cybersecurity

    As a business or individual, we understand that your assets are important. SureCloud is an international provider of cybersecurity services which has worked with Equiom for a number of years to ensure the highest level of cybersecurity throughout our business. To pass on this invaluable expertise, we have engaged SureCloud in a referral agreement for SureCloud to help you remediate risks to assets, networks and data posed by cyber-attacks.

    SureCloud’s cybersecurity experts identify threats and vulnerabilities from a cyber perspective and help individuals and businesses to better understand how to protect their digital assets.

    The services offered by SureCloud encompass a range of preventative measures in cybersecurity for clients across the globe.

    SureCloud can offer private and corporate clients the perfect mix of technical expertise, service excellence and global reach. The cybersecurity services are offered by SureCloud, and Equiom receives a commission for referred business.

    SureCloud’s cybersecurity services include:

    • Online identity reconnaissance exercises to determine and demonstrate what information about you and your family is available online
    • Remote and local testing to identify vulnerabilities in your home networks
    • Ongoing support including face-to-face consultation, formal delivery, debrief session and liaison with your IT provider

  • Equiom Private Office

    Your interests are global – so are we

    A multi-faceted offering, the Equiom Private Office is a dedicated, specialist team of senior practitioners who tailor services to meet the individual requirements of clients, be they high net worth individuals or wealthy families.

    Our expertise is born out of years of providing market leading services. We work closely with the global Private Office team and together, we understand more than most changes impacting wealthy families.

    The Equiom Private Office team work closely with a global network of trusted intermediaries and provide tailored solutions to achieve optimal results. In a competitive market place we ensure that clients feel confident in our people, our services and our recommendations.

    Our Equiom Private Office services include:

    • Family advisory services including estate, succession and tax planning
    • Development of Special Purpose Vehicles (SPVs) and other more technically and secretarially intensive corporate structures
    • Residential and commercial real estate advisory
  • HR Support

    We value our people, so let us take care of yours

    We are well practiced in evaluating, developing and implementing human resource policies and practices to respond to various business needs. Our expertise covers payroll, immigration and human resource consultancy. Our dedicated team is experienced in the technical requirements of running payroll including net pay, tax and any other deductions and the complexities of changing legislation.

    Equiom Singapore’s team of multilingual experts can assist with applications for permanent residency or work permits for company staff or individuals. By understanding your personal goals and intentions, we can ensure that you are supported every step of the way during and beyond your application process.

    Our services include:

    • Human resource consultancy 
    • Providing training on human resource policies and procedures
    • Creating employee handbooks
    • Payroll services
    • Employer tax returns

    Our key immigration services include:

    • Work pass
    • Dependant’s pass
    • Appeals on rejection
    • Renewal
    • Permanent residence application
  • Trusts & Foundations

    Trust is something that is earned

    Over the years, we have earned an enviable reputation as leading professional trustees.

    We are dedicated to maintaining the prosperity of our clients. After building up their wealth, it is no surprise that successful individuals and companies alike want to protect and enhance that wealth. Identifying the most appropriate structure to do that is crucial to making the most of those assets.

    This is where Equiom Singapore’s expertise can make a real difference. We specialise in establishing Singapore trusts, Singapore private trust companies, life insurance trusts and BVI vista trusts to name but a few. With our extensive expertise and dedicated team, we believe in creating partnerships built on trust.

    Our services include:

    • Setting up and administering private trusts for high net worth individuals 
    • Advising on trust structures suitable to the needs of clients
    • Advising on succession planning
    • Developing asset protection strategies
    • Providing services in setting up universal life insurance trusts
    • Private trust company services
    • Wills

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