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Equiom Japan was established in March 2017 after the acquisition of Solid Japan, an international leading supplier of professional services with a focus on foreign firms and new businesses. This acquisition helped strengthen the group’s presence in Asia.

With frequent changes to Japanese laws, our knowledgeable staff can provide advice and make sure you reach your business objectives. We are specialised in providing end-to-end solutions regardless of the stage of your business.

Our Japan team speaks a range of languages including Japanese, English, French, Chinese and Tagalog.

Why choose Japan?

  • A growing economy, ranked 3rd in the world by GDP (source: Statista 2018)
  • Improving business environment for foreign companies
  • Asia’s innovative hub
  • Outstanding IT infrastructure

Japan Services

Our Japan team provide expert advice for new or established businesses in relation to business setup and support services, including accounting, payroll, company setup and administrative support.

  • Accounting

    Management Accounting - Where accuracy and compliance count

    Management accounting enables our clients to make informed business decisions through the provision of regular, timely and relevant financial and statistical information. It is the lifeblood of all well-run businesses, used to drive performance, inform strategy, maximise profit and enable comprehensive analyses to highlight issues.

    The statutory accounting requirements placed on individuals can be extremely complex, often becoming a significant burden on business owners and managers both in terms of time and resources.

    Equiom Japan’s tailored services can provide credit control, transaction processing and reporting, financial management and reporting, preparation and submission of financial statements to suit each client’s needs and ensuring they are fully tax compliant.

    Our services include:

    • Preparation of financial statements according to local requirements
    • Preparation of management statements according to group reporting requirements
    • Cash flow management and reporting
    • Preparation of reports for statutory filings
    • Annual tax compliance support
  • Additional Services

    We can support you every step of the way 

    Our global footprint combined with local insight and industry knowledge are able to advice you and provide support along the entire lifecycle of your business.

    Our services include:  

    • Mergers and acquisitions advisory
  • Admin Support

    Little things that can make a big impact

    Every leading organisation faces the same problem - small things can sometimes be more complicated than anticipated, particularly when they are in a foreign language. Equiom Japan’s staff are experienced in all aspects of small business administrations. They have absolute confidence in handling payments and collections in order to meet the needs of your business.

    Our services include:

    • Treasury function and banking
    • Expense reports preparation
    • Staff contracts and applications support
    • Onsite accounting and payroll administrative support  
  • Company Services

    Our company insight gives you valuable foresight

    For clients thinking of forming a company who are concerned about the potential complexity that it involves, Equiom Japan simplifies the process by helping them decide on the right jurisdiction and structure for their company.

    Equiom’s expertise has grown out of its relationships with long-established firms and years of providing market-leading services, so we understand more than most the way that the corporate world works. Over the years, we have helped to incorporate and administer companies and foundations on behalf of a wide range of clients - ultimately protecting their interests.

    Potential structures

    • Joint Stock Company – Kabushiki Kaisha (KK)
    • Limited Liability Company – Godo Kaisha (GK)
    • Branch Office
    • Limited Liability Partnership (LLP)

    Our services include:

    • Insight and advisory on appropriate structures
    • Drafting of articles of incorporation in English and Japanese
    • Drafting of acceptance of office for directors
    • Notarisation of articles of incorporation
    • Submission of documents to legal affairs bureau
    • Tax registrations with local and national tax offices
    • Resident director services
    • Registered business address
    • Bank account setup support
    • Business licenses application
  • Cybersecurity

    As a business or individual, we understand that your assets are important. SureCloud is an international provider of cybersecurity services which has worked with Equiom for a number of years to ensure the highest level of cybersecurity throughout our business. To pass on this invaluable expertise, we have engaged SureCloud in a referral agreement for SureCloud to help you remediate risks to assets, networks and data posed by cyber-attacks.

    SureCloud’s cybersecurity experts identify threats and vulnerabilities from a cyber perspective and help individuals and businesses to better understand how to protect their digital assets.

    The services offered by SureCloud encompass a range of preventative measures in cybersecurity for clients across the globe.

    SureCloud can offer private and corporate clients the perfect mix of technical expertise, service excellence and global reach. The cybersecurity services are offered by SureCloud, and Equiom receives a commission for referred business.

    SureCloud’s cybersecurity services include:

    • Online identity reconnaissance exercises to determine and demonstrate what information about you and your family is available online
    • Remote and local testing to identify vulnerabilities in your home networks
    • Ongoing support including face-to-face consultation, formal delivery, debrief session and liaison with your IT provider

  • Payroll

    Ease the increasing challenge brought about by changes in legislation

    Every business has a requirement to operate a payroll whether it has one or 1,000 employees.

    The technical requirements of running a payroll are becoming increasingly complex – as well as calculating net pay, tax, pensions and other deductions, changes in legislation continually increase the pressure placed on payroll and HR Managers. Equiom Japan’s payroll bureau relieves this pressure and ensures your payroll and social insurance requirements are supported by being compliant, accurate and paid on time.

    A valid visa or work permit may be required for all non-residents to live in or carry out business in a jurisdiction. With various types and classes of visas and work permits, it is essential that you submit the correct application. Equiom Japan’s team of multilingual experts can assist with applications for permanent residency or work permits for company staff or individuals. By understanding your personal goals and intentions, we can ensure that you are supported every step of the way during and beyond your application process.

    Our services include:

    • Payroll administration – monthly salary and bonus calculations
    • Social insurance (health, pension, labour) enrolments and cancellations 
    • Annual withholding tax and social insurance reporting
    • Visa applications support

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