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In May 2017 Equiom acquired Virtus Trust, a multi-jurisdictional trust group which included Virtus Trust USA, LLC a publicly licensed trust company in South Dakota, Virtus Trust USA, LLC. In April 2018 Virtus Trust USA, LLC changed its name to Equiom Trust (South Dakota), LLC.

Our USA capability provides international families and advisors around the world with invaluable options to assist in US-connected matters such as migration or investment and for international planning in the same way as with traditional 'offshore' jurisdictions.

Why choose the USA and South Dakota?

  • USA issues often need a US domestic solution
  • For non-US clients it is an attractive alternative planning jurisdiction
  • Advanced and flexible state trust laws including strong asset protection and retained power statutes
  • A locally and internationally independent judiciary
  • Frequent updates to trust law to maintain market leadership
  • The US offers every type of supporting financial service
Equiom Trust (South Dakota), LLC (ETSD) is regulated in South Dakota by the South Dakota Division of Banking and in Guernsey by the Guernsey Financial Services Commission.

USA (South Dakota) Services

Our USA capability provides international families and advisors around the world with an invaluable option to address such legislation as FATCA and the US tax code in relation to cross-border planning.

  • Cybersecurity

    As a business or individual, we understand that your assets are important. SureCloud is an international provider of cybersecurity services which has worked with Equiom for a number of years to ensure the highest level of cybersecurity throughout our business. To pass on this invaluable expertise, we have engaged SureCloud in a referral agreement for SureCloud to help you remediate risks to assets, networks and data posed by cyber-attacks.

    SureCloud’s cybersecurity experts identify threats and vulnerabilities from a cyber perspective and help individuals and businesses to better understand how to protect their digital assets.

    The services offered by SureCloud encompass a range of preventative measures in cybersecurity for clients across the globe.

    SureCloud can offer private and corporate clients the perfect mix of technical expertise, service excellence and global reach. The cybersecurity services are offered by SureCloud, and Equiom receives a commission for referred business.

    SureCloud’s cybersecurity services include:

    • Online identity reconnaissance exercises to determine and demonstrate what information about you and your family is available online
    • Remote and local testing to identify vulnerabilities in your home networks
    • Ongoing support including face-to-face consultation, formal delivery, debrief session and liaison with your IT provider

  • Immigration

    Equiom’s pre and post immigration planning services

    Immigration to the US is often complex and requires as much advance planning as possible.

    Whether it is establishing a South Dakota trust with a non-US trustee or forming a domestic trust for US beneficiaries, Equiom has the local knowledge and expertise to support you during each stage of your immigration journey. Equiom work with leading US-qualified professional advisors and SEC-registered investment houses around the world to achieve optimal pre-migration structures.

  • Trusts & Foundations

    Trust is something that is earned

    We are proud to have an enviable reputation as leading professional trustees in the US earned from years of experience in the industry.

    We understand the importance of protecting and enhancing the wealth of the individuals and companies we work with.

    We offer the ultimate secure jurisdiction combining a very flexible but defined fiscal framework, as well as a major body of established trust law and the legal and regulatory infrastructure necessary to administer complex international trust structures. With increasing cross-border legislation such as FATCA and CRS, locating a trust in the US is becoming an increasingly attractive option.

    Equiom can organise the initial establishment of a trust or foundation and administer it diligently to maximise the benefits. We will also ensure its legal and tax status is maintained, while providing regular accounting and financial reporting.

    Our trust services include:

    • Formation of family trusteeships/partnerships including US Dynasty and directed trusts
    • Administering structures for US taxpayers globally
    • Setting up of pour-over/decanting trusts for UNI/DNI from trusts administered by other non-US trustees
    • Formation of US domestic trusts to hold residential property around the world involving occupation by a US beneficiary
    • Establishment of US domestic trusts to buy and hold US commercial real estate
    • Domestication into US of foreign trusts

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