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Xen Accounting, an Equiom company, is a fully virtual, professional cloud accounting firm. By combining chartered professional accountants, state of the art cloud accounting software and a modern mindset, Xen Accounting provides a number of solutions to suit a range of business needs. Equiom acquired Xen Accounting in November 2018, enabling the group to further broaden its geographic reach and service offerings.

Why choose Canada?

  • Politically and economically stable
  • Ranked highly among G7 countries for tax competitiveness
  • A locally and internationally independent judiciary
  • For non-Canadian clients it is an attractive alternative planning jurisdiction

For more information visit xenaccounting.com

Canada (Xen Accounting) Services

Xen Accounting, an Equiom company, is a fully virtual professional cloud accounting firm, providing automated online accounting services.

  • Accounting

    Easy, automated & pain-free accounting services

    Xen Accounting offers online accounting, tax & bookkeeping services to small businesses in the digital age. With a focus on workflow automation, Xen Accounting is able to focus on providing a superb customer experience by implementing and using the latest technology to help automate bookkeeping and accounting processes for busy business owners. With that, Xen Accounting can then help provide up to date, timely and relevant financial information that can be used for strategic decision making purposes with the ease of being able to connect with a team of Chartered Professional Accountants, bookkeepers and technology experts online wherever you are in the world.

    Our accounting services include:

    • Tax planning
    • Bookkeeping
    • Accounting support
    • Business consulting
    • Accounting systems analysis, implementation, set up and training
  • Cybersecurity

    As a business or individual, we understand that your assets are important. SureCloud is an international provider of cybersecurity services which has worked with Equiom for a number of years to ensure the highest level of cybersecurity throughout our business. To pass on this invaluable expertise, we have engaged SureCloud in a referral agreement for SureCloud to help you remediate risks to assets, networks and data posed by cyber-attacks.

    SureCloud’s cybersecurity experts identify threats and vulnerabilities from a cyber perspective and help individuals and businesses to better understand how to protect their digital assets.

    The services offered by SureCloud encompass a range of preventative measures in cybersecurity for clients across the globe.

    SureCloud can offer private and corporate clients the perfect mix of technical expertise, service excellence and global reach. The cybersecurity services are offered by SureCloud, and Equiom receives a commission for referred business.

    SureCloud’s cybersecurity services include:

    • Online identity reconnaissance exercises to determine and demonstrate what information about you and your family is available online
    • Remote and local testing to identify vulnerabilities in your home networks
    • Ongoing support including face-to-face consultation, formal delivery, debrief session and liaison with your IT provider

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