Equiom launches ‘employer of choice’ strategy with flexible approach to work

Date 23/11/2020
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Equiom Group

Equiom, the global professional services provider, has announced that it has introduced a policy of 100% flexible working, effective from 1 January 2021. This new policy is being brought in to provide staff with greater say in how they perform their roles and work at their most productive. 

Sarah Gomersall, Chief People Officer for Equiom commented:

‘We’re committed to establishing Equiom as an employer of choice within our industry and these moves are the first steps towards that goal. We’ve had a very positive experience of maintaining productivity and staff engagement during the pandemic, and we want that to become part of who we are as a business not just something we did because we had to at the time. It could feel quite radical for many people but I’ve been delighted by the positive reaction from the staff to our announcement. It’s the first step and a tangible demonstration of our commitment to having a market-leading employee value proposition. I am excited by what’s to come.’

As part of the ‘Inspiring Action’ programme, staff have the option to choose their own working patterns so they can better manage their work and home lives. Unlimited annual leave allowances have also been introduced allowing everyone to have more freedom in managing their personal wellbeing.  

Mark Porter, Equiom CEO commented:

‘We don’t work in a nine to five culture anymore, so outdated policies around holiday allowance no longer work for our people and ultimately our clients. Our goal is to be the leading trusted advisor to sophisticated private wealth in our sector, and part of that is delivering the best possible client experience. To achieve that, we need to provide our staff with a working environment that not only enables them to operate at the highest level, but also gives them the flexibility they need to manage their lives day to day.’

Equiom has a staff of 550 people across 20 locations in Europe, the Middle East, Asia and the Americas.

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