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Following the United Kingdom’s (UK) withdrawal from the European Union (EU), there are two separate VAT and Customs territories, the UK and the EU, and yacht importation should now be addressed in the relevant separate territorial jurisdiction.  

The importation of a yacht into the UK, and or the EU, to enable free circulation, is a key requirement for yacht owners and yacht managers. This could comprise of a formal importation or importation under a Customs Relief Suspension regime. Our Isle of Man office offers yacht importation services to facilitate the timely and VAT efficient importation of yachts into the UK, and or, into the EU territorial jurisdictions.

Our UK importation services include:

  • Representation for UK and non-UK yacht holding entities
  • Collation and preparation of technical assurance documentation for liaison and pre-clearance with the VAT and Customs authority 
  • ODS licensing compliance pre-importation  
  • C88 certification post importation

Our EU importation services include:

  • Representation for EU and non-EU yacht holding entities
  • Collation and preparation of technical assurance documentation for liaison and pre-clearance with the respective VAT and Customs authority
  • ODS licensing compliance pre-importation  
  • SAD certification post importation

Our Isle of Man office has extensive experience in the set up and administration of corporate structures and subsequent UK/EU importation, having provided services and technical advice in this area for several decades.

Key benefits of our importation services:

  • No physical payment of VAT
  • Bank guarantees are not required
  • Our service is available to both established and non-established entities
  • Yachts imported into the UK/EU will have free circulation entitlement across the respective territorial jurisdictions
  • The yacht importation service may conveniently be executed from one of a number of port/marine locations 
  • A short front end preparation process, followed by same day release of the yacht from customs control, whether we are managing a UK or EU importation  

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  • Proven track record

    Proven track record

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    Client focused

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    Fully compliant

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