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We are trusted by yacht owners and yacht managers to simplify the complexity of luxury asset ownership so that owners can relax and enjoy their asset

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About Equiom

We are trusted by private and commercial yacht owners and yacht managers.

Equiom Group is a global professional services provider, offering a wide range of wealth protection and business support services to private clients, corporates and funds. 

We have evolved from a traditional 'asset protection business' to an international enablement business with an extensive suite of professional and business support services.

Our large team, with dedicated industry experience, deliver a broad range of essential services, seamlessly removing the burden on the owner or family office. Our experts operate from eight key jurisdictions in the Isle of Man, Monaco, Cayman Islands, Jersey and Guernsey, the Middle East, Netherlands and London, which makes Equiom well positioned to provide end-to-end solutions to clients, whether they are based in the European Union (EU), the United Kingdom (UK) or beyond.

Effective management and performance of any asset class requires experience, diligence and time. The addition of a commercial or private yacht into a family office or individual client portfolio has an immediate impact on the investment strategy and enhances the overall risk.   

For the same reasons our clients turn to us to provide an unrivalled breadth of bespoke end-to-end wealth protection and business support services, we bridge the gap on behalf of the individual or family office, taking on the ownership responsibilities of these complex assets.

We are relationship driven, offering a sophisticated service of fiduciary, tax, VAT and accounting technical expertise across an international marketplace. Through experience, we understand, and have the expertise to navigate the challenges and local nuances of international yacht ownership.

We are proud to deliver our services 'The Equiom Way' – with passion, reliability and responsiveness.

Our yacht services include:

  • Establishment and management of commercial or private ownership entity
  • Experienced professional directors, responsible officer, registered agent and registered office services 
  • Yacht registration and regulatory considerations 
  • Finance and banking services 
  • Day to day corporate administrative support and liaison for the ongoing operation and charter of the yacht
  • Accountancy, bookkeeping, statutory reporting and financial management services
  • Importation into the UK, and or the EU under a formal importation or Customs Suspension regime
  • EU/UK fiscal VAT obligations
  • EU/UK application of Customs Reliefs
  • EU/UK VAT mitigation on overhead expenses and refits

Why choose Equiom?

  • Proven track record

    Proven track record

    Long-established provider with a wealth of global experience

  • Client focused

    Client focused

    Dedicated relationship leads and a network of global contacts

  • Fully compliant

    Fully compliant

    Have peace of mind that you are fully compliant with local regulations

Featured services

Our bespoke global services meet the most stringent technical requirements in an ever more complex regulatory environment.

Meet our industry experts

  • David Shefford

    David Shefford

    Head of Yachting and Aviation, Isle of Man

  • Mark A Hagan

    Mark A Hagan

    Director - VAT

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