Rashed Al Maadhadi  

Government Relations Officer

Rashed manages all government related transactions, acting as the company representative to government offices in accordance with rules and regulations.  He is also responsible for processing, issuing, renewing, modifying and following-up all government related licenses.

Rashed joined Equiom in February 2022. Based in Riyadh, he oversees the overall operation and communication with all government entities that are relevant to foreign investors in the Kingdom. He specialises in ensuring compliance with company standards, policies, and procedures and maintains a record of day-to-day transactions and documentation.

Rashed has over 20 years’ experience working for leading international companies in different sectors such as energy, construction, and manufacturing. Rashed has held several positions during his career ranging from HR and recruitment to the Saudization & Feminization process, to government relations and company formation.

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