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Equiom established its presence in Hong Kong after the acquisition of AFP Group, a leading trust and corporate services provider in 2015. It continues to grow following several further acquisitions including Equation HK Limited, Heritage Trust Group and most recently Solid Hong Kong in 2017.

These acquisitions have enabled Equiom to increase the number of services offered and provide a gateway for clients into mainland China and South East Asia.

The Hong Kong team speaks a range of languages including English, Mandarin, Cantonese, Tagalog, Dutch and Italian.

Why choose Hong Kong? 

  • Major trading and financial centre, strategically located
  • No foreign ownership restrictions
  • English common law is prevalent
  • Hong Kong Dollar is pegged to US Dollar
  • No tax on dividend income and capital gains
  • Profits tax rate at 8.25% on assessable profits up to $2M and 16.5% on anything greater than $2M
  • Robust infrastructures and business facilities
Equiom Corporate Services (Hong Kong) Limited is a Trust or Company Service Provider licencee regulated by the Companies Registry. Licence number: TC001100
Equiom Fiduciary Services (Hong Kong) Limited is a Trust or Company Service Provider licencee regulated by the Companies Registry. Licence number: TC002538


  • Citywealth - International Financial Centre Awards
    • Asia Trust Company of the Year - 2019
    • Hong Kong & Singapore Trust Company of the Year - 2017
    • Runner up: Hong Kong Trust Company of the Year - 2016
  • ACQ5 Awards
    • Full Service Company Formation Services Provider of the Year - 2018
    • Trust Company of the Year - 2018

Hong Kong Services

Whether you are looking to set up a business or expand your operations in Asia, our Hong Kong team can assist with the range of considerations, including set-up, licenses and tax planning, in addition to legal and regulatory requirements.

  • Accounting Services

    The lifeblood of any well-run organisation

    Equiom Hong Kong's expert accounting team provide a range of management, statutory and tax accounting services, helping our clients to make informed decisions, maximise profit and ensure full tax compliance.

    Our Hong Kong accounting services include:

    • Management reporting services with 'snap' profitability reporting and credit control alerts
    • Maintenance and submission of statutory accounting records
    • Transaction processing services (including foreign currency)
    • Budget, forecasting, credit control and trend analysis including KPIs
    • Online bookkeeping and payroll services for smaller businesses and contractors
    • Internal audit compliance services and application of accounting standards
    • Accounting advice and query handling  
  • International Pensions Plans and Employee Benefits

    International employee benefit schemes are a key consideration for employers who wish to retain and attract the best talent, ensuring a loyal and dedicated workforce.

    Most employees now expect global pension plans and end of service benefits as a vital part of their overall compensation package.

    Equiom has considerable experience in this area and offers a number of options when it comes to trustee services for pension arrangements, from employee benefits schemes and pensions to savings and share plans for expatriates and employers.

    Our range of services are offered in a number of jurisdictions around the world and include:

    • End of Service Benefit Plans
    • International Pension Plans 
    • Employee Benefit Trusts 
    • Employee Ownership Trusts 

    End of Service Benefit Plans

    End of service gratuity is a statutory obligation for companies across many Middle Eastern jurisdictions and is designed to help fund employees’ future retirement needs. The requirement for a company to pay End of Service Benefits (ESBs) is well known in this region and a frequently talked about subject. Equiom are the market leading trustee in the Middle East with over 20 years of experience and hold the prestigious role of Master Trustee to the DIFC Workplace Savings Plan (DEWS).

    International Pension Plans

    An International Pension Plan (IPP) involves a defined contribution plan that combines investment, administration and trust services which can be tailored to your company’s specific needs.

    IPPs are particularly popular with companies who have employees who work abroad on international assignments or are employed on a globally mobile basis.

    IPPs enable organisations to offer an advantageous pension scheme as part of an employee’s remuneration package - essential for attracting and retaining talent for multinational corporations.

    Employers have been utilising IPP arrangements over the years as an ideal solution for employees that either:

    • Move from their home country and are not able to remain in their home country pension scheme
    • Are employed in a country that has insufficient or no pension availability
    • Require a ‘top up’ to the local pension provision

    IPPs provide flexibility in several areas such as:

    • Contribution percentages for both employers and employees 
    • Currency and type of investment 
    • Vesting scales for employer contributions
    • Number of countries and employer linked entities included in the IPP
    • Benefit distribution options – lump sum, annuity, drawdown
    • Portability of the members' pension pot

    Employee Benefit Trusts

    Employee Benefit Trusts (EBTs) have been established for several years to encourage employee share participation, acting as an important incentive for staff loyalty and productivity.

    The term EBT is applied to a number of different types of trust. In general, an employer sets up an EBT as a vehicle to reward, motivate and incentivise employees. The benefits provided may be a share of profits, shares in the employer company, cash distributions or other employee incentives.

    The features of EBTs include:

    • A discretionary trust holding assets on behalf of a class of beneficiaries
    • The trust is funded by the employer company
    • The trustees provide employee benefits in recognition of performance and other related factors
    • It is at the decision of the trustees only as to whom may benefit from the trust assets and the extent of such benefit

    Benefits of EBTs:

    • Share warehousing removes complex and costly UK share buyback provisions
    • Private equity - allowing the company to buy back shares of a departing executive
    • EBTs have been used as a market maker for the sale and purchase of shares in the employer company
    • Tax considerations including capital gains tax and corporation tax

    Employee Ownership Trusts 

    An Employee Ownership Trust (EOT) is a form of trust which holds the shares in a trading company for the benefit of employees. Unlike a conventional employee benefit trust, any benefit it confers on employees must include all of them (although a qualifying period of up to 12 months is allowed) on the same terms. EOTs allow shareholders of trading companies to sell some or all of their shares, while allowing those companies to continue under the same stewardship, creating a platform for continued growth and success.

    Benefits of EOTs:

    • Shareholders can sell their shares for full market value (based on an independent valuation)
    • The directors and senior management can remain in place and continue to run the company
    • No capital gains, income or inheritance tax liabilities should arise on the disposal of a controlling interest in a company to an EOT (or on the subsequent receipt of the purchase price by the former shareholders)
    • Companies controlled by EOTs are also able to pay to employees cash bonuses of up to £3,600 each year without any income tax liability, provided that these are paid to all qualifying employees on the same terms


    For more information regarding any of the above plans, please get in touch with Chris Cain or Mary Craven

    Equiom Fiduciary Services (Middle East) Limited is the Master Trustee and Operator of DEWS and is regulated by the Dubai Financial Services Authority (DFSA). 
    This material is intended only for Professional Clients and Market Counterparties as defined by the DFSA, and no other person should act upon it. However all employers and employees participating in an Employee Money Purchase Scheme will be treated as Retail Clients under the DFSA requirements.
    Any underlying investment options which may be selected in the structure can carry investment risk, whereby the value of the underlying investments can go down as well as up.
  • Structure Set Up & Support Services

    Our corporate insight gives you valuable foresight

    For clients thinking of setting up a new business or restructuring an existing company, Equiom Hong Kong simplifies the process by providing an appropriate solution and structure for that company. 
    Equiom has been providing its market-leading company services for over 40 years, helping clients to meet their personal and business needs, while protecting their ownership and controlling interests every step of the way.

    We offer the following structure set up & support services in Hong Kong:

    • Company incorporation and registration in Hong Kong and multiple jurisdictions (e.g. BVI, Cayman Islands, PRC, Seychelles, Singapore, UAE and others)
    • Formation of limited partnerships in jurisdictions like BVI or Cayman Islands
    • Corporate administration of special purpose vehicles (e.g. SPVs for PE or RE funds)
    • Key personnel, including company directors, nominee shareholders and company secretarial services
    • Provision of registered office and correspondence address
    • Provision of dedicated phone lines and co-working space
    • Drafting of articles of incorporation in English, Traditional and Simplified Chinese
    • Notarisation of articles of incorporation
    • Registration of non-Hong Kong companies, branches and representative offices
    • De-registrations and liquidations
    • Corporate restructuring
    • Bank account opening
    • Escrow services (e.g. M&A, real estate transactions)
    • Know your customer (KYC) compliance services
    • Hold mail services
  • Tax

    There’s no problem too complex for our tax experts

    We guide, support and build effective structures that work in harmony with efficient tax strategies.  

    Working closely with our client relationship teams and clients’ professional advisors, we support our clients’ tax advisory requirements drawing on our substantial experience and knowledge in a variety of areas. 

    Our experienced team in Hong Kong have developed a range of tax services appropriate to our client's requirements.

    Our Hong Kong tax services include:

    Ensuring tax compliance as required by the Hong Kong government:

    • Profits tax return (PTR)
    • Employer's return (ER)
    • Salaries tax return

    Providing tax advice, obtaining advance tax rulings and / or representing taxpayers in tax investigations, with respect to amongst others:

    • Offshore tax claim
    • FATCA & CRS
  • Trustee & Fiduciary Services

    Trust is something that is earned

    Over the years, we have earned an enviable reputation as leading professional trustees, dedicated to maintaining our clients’ prosperity. We aim to give you more control over your assets today, and more confidence about your holdings tomorrow – helping ensure that your family, employees, or favoured charities are well looked after for years to come.

    Our fiduciary specialists in Hong Kong identify the most appropriate structures to protect and enhance your private wealth or corporate assets.

    We guide you through the complexities of local laws and regulations to find the right solution for you, arranging the initial establishment of a trust or foundation and administering it carefully to maximise the benefits. We ensure its legal and tax status is maintained and provide regular accounting and financial reporting.

    Our Hong Kong fiduciary services include:

    • Establishment and administration of trusts and foundations, which can hold a variety of financial and non-financial assets
    • Arranging trustee appointments in Guernsey, Isle of Man, Jersey, Monaco, Singapore, South Dakota and UAE
    • Estate and succession planning
    • Estate administration
    • Independent trustee and advisory
    • Dedicated accounting and financial reporting
    • The establishment and maintenance of banking relationships
    • Establishment of family office structures and other jurisdictions such as Singapore and UAE

    We can also assist with:

    • Reserved powers trusts 
    • Discretionary trusts 
    • Fixed interest trusts 
    • Stand by trusts (e.g. US domestic “pour-over” trusts)
    • Private trust companies
    • Pre-IPO trusts
    • Employee benefits / shares trusts (e.g. ESOP)
    • Charitable trusts
    • Purpose trusts
    • Will trusts
    • Executor services
    • Estate administration services
    • Excluded property trusts (e.g. non-domiciles living in the UK)
    • Foreign grantor trusts or FGTs (e.g. non-US settlor benefiting US person)
    • Intentional defective grantor trusts (“IDGT”)
    • Granny trusts

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