Equiom's fund services

Equiom offers complete formation and administration solutions for funds, specifically focused towards alternative asset class entities and special purpose vehicles.

Our experienced team deliver a client-focused service, covering a wide range of structures and asset classes including real estate funds, private equity, venture capital funds and fund of funds.

Our knowledge in the sector stems from years of experience in the funds arena, with expertise in a number of areas such as fund administration services for regulated and un-regulated fund structures, including SIF, RAIF, EUVECA, SCS/SCSp and Securitisation Vehicles.

With a global network of trusted advisers, we can provide bespoke services to clients in several locations through our expert team in Luxembourg.

Our fund services include: 

  • Fund administration services for regulated and un-regulated fund structures including SIF, RAIF, EUVECA, SCS/SCSp and Securitisation Vehicles.
  • Administration of open ended and closed ended alternative asset class funds including private equity, venture capital, real estate, infrastructure and fund of hedge funds
  • Central administrative agent; NAV calculation, regulatory reporting and annual accounts
  • Registrar and transfer agent
  • Domiciliary and company secretarial services