We guide, support and build effective structures that work in harmony with efficient tax strategies. 

Working closely with our client relationship teams and clients’ professional advisors, we draw on our substantial experience and complex knowledge of yachts and aircraft. 

Our experienced teams have developed a range of tax services appropriate to these luxury assets. 

Our tax & VAT services for yachting and aviation clients include:

Direct tax services

  • Tax advice and ongoing support for individuals, companies and trusts - including guidance on inheritance tax, income tax and capital gains tax
  • FATCA and CRS consultancy 

Indirect tax services

  • Formal importation into the EU and / or the UK providing free circulation and full VAT recovery for commercial use
  • Formal importation into the EU and / or the UK under commercial exemption
  • Temporary importation into the EU for non-EU residents and / or the UK for non-UK residents
  • Formal importation into the EU and / or the UK and payment of VAT for private use
  • Commercial charter structures optimising VAT recovery
  • Customs and VAT dispute resolution services
  • Asset purchase and / or sale VAT and customs transactional advisory services
  • Customs warehousing to suspend all VAT and customs duty liabilities
  • Post Brexit assurance services, mitigating potential VAT and customs liability exposure  


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