We simplify the process of choosing the right jurisdiction and structure for your yacht or aircraft, depending on your needs.

Our emphasis on client service and professionalism has won Equiom global recognition for our leading role in managing a varied portfolio of yachting and aviation clients. 

Our structures are bespoke and can be provided in a number of jurisdictions. The choice of jurisdiction is driven by our clients’ needs and the specific business advantages that the chosen location offers.

We offer the following yachting & aviation set up and support services:

  • Establishment and management of efficient ownership structures
  • Multi-jurisdictional VAT, tax and registration services
  • Customs and VAT advice
  • Formal importation into the EU and / or the UK 
  • Financial, management and VAT reporting
  • Temporary importation into the EU for non-EU residents and / or the UK for non-UK residents
  • Directorship, officer, registered agent and registered office services 
  • Finance and banking services with efficient and globally recognised partners 
  • Day to day administration including certification, insurance management and secretarial services


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