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We have a proven track record in the delivery of ownership structures and tax management for a variety of high value commercial and residential real estate with an international portfolio of assets worth in excess of £5bn. Our team of 35 real estate experts operate across 5 European jurisdictions to support the needs of 250 clients with their specialist experience in the ownership and management oversight of high value commercial or residential UK property; collective investments; debt restructure services and the structuring of ownership vehicles for luxury French residential property. 

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  • Real Estate | Accounting Services We offer a full range of management, statutory and tax, and cloud accounting services, enabling our private clients to make informed decisions, maximise profit and ensure full compliance.
  • Real Estate | Structure Set Up & Support Services We provide a full range of business enabling services for private clients looking for real estate structure set up and support.
  • Tax & VAT Services We offer global insight and local knowledge to advise private clients, helping them solve a diverse range of international business and tax challenges.
  • Real Estate | Trustee & Fiduciary Services Whether we're acting as a Trustee or as an Independent Fund Director, we manage your assets on your behalf. Our clients include high net worth individuals and families, public corporations, government entities, employee retirement schemes and institutional investors.

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