Equiom offers aircraft importation into the EU

Date 16/01/2023
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Aircraft importation

The importation of aircraft into the EU to enable free circulation is a key requirement for many business jet owners and operators. Our Isle of Man office now offers a robust EU aircraft importation service (supplementing our existing UK aircraft importation service) to facilitate the timely and VAT efficient importation of aircraft into the EU.  

Our service proposition includes: 

  1. Representation for EU and for non-EU aircraft holding entities 
  2. Collating and preparing technical assurance documentation for liaison and pre-clearance with the respective VAT and Customs authorities 
  3. ODS licensing compliance for pre-importation   
  4. SAD certification for post importation 

Our Isle of Man office has extensive experience in the set up and administration of corporate structures and subsequent EU importation, having provided services and technical advice in the area for several decades. 

The key benefits of our service proposition includes: 

  • No physical payment of VAT 
  • Bank guarantees are not required 
  • The service is available to both EU and non-EU entities 
  • Aircraft imported into the EU will have free circulation entitlement across the EU 27 territories 
  • The aircraft importation service may conveniently be executed from one of three key airport locations  
  • A short front end preparation process followed by same day release of the aircraft from customs control   

For more information and advice, contact our highly experienced, multi-jurisdictional aviation team, principally Ian Petts, Mark A Hagan or Richard McGlashan

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