Nancy Kilany  BSc (Hons), DipPFS

Country Manager

Nancy serves as the Country Manager at Equiom Corporate Services in Qatar. Her responsibilities encompass ensuring team compliance, managing daily office operations, and mitigating risks. She actively drives business development, ensuring legal compliance, and spearheads operational efficiency. Furthermore, Nancy adeptly manages relationships, develops new services, and optimises business activities for growth and regulatory adherence.

With more than two decades of expertise in banking, financial planning, negotiation, marketing, and branding, Nancy is a distinguished professional. Renowned in wealth management in Qatar, she passionately believes in the symbiotic relationship between a company's success and that of its clients.

Throughout her dynamic career, Nancy has showcased her results-driven dedication in the financial services industry. She has held pivotal roles in regulated advisory and area management within the financial planning sector in the United Kingdom and Qatar. Her proficiency extends to effective communication and compelling presentations, coupled with a natural empathy and understanding of clients' objectives and requirements.

In addition to her extensive experience, Nancy is fluent in English and possesses beginner's proficiency in Arabic. Her impressive professional qualifications include a QCF Level 4 Diploma (Financial Planning) from the Chartered Institute of Insurers and a BSc Honours Degree. As a member of the Personal Finance Society, part of the Chartered Insurance Institute Group, Nancy exemplifies a commitment to excellence in her field.

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