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HF Fund Services Ltd - Cayman Islands office

HF Fund Services Ltd - Cayman Islands overview

Equiom Cayman Islands

HF Fund Services Ltd, an Equiom company, provides independent director services to a range of clients from start up hedge funds, related entities such as general partners and advisory boards and asset managers. The team has extensive experience providing corporate governance to alternative investment funds and working with clients during set up and structuring. Our offices in the Cayman Islands are located at Camana Bay which is a hub for local and international finance. The office is fully equipped with the latest technology and is built to Miami-Dade hurricane specifications. Equiom acquired HF Fund Services Ltd in June 2020, enabling the group to broaden its fund offering.

Why choose the Cayman Islands?

  • An established jurisdiction for company services 
  • The domicile of choice for offshore investment funds
  • Favourable government regulation with a focus on growth  
  • Tax neutrality
  • World class infrastructure and exceptionally high international regulatory standards

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HF Fund Services Ltd, an Equiom company is regulated by the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority under the Companies Management Law (As Revised).

HF Fund Services Ltd - Cayman Islands Services

HF Fund Services Ltd, an Equiom company, provides experienced, non-executive independent directors to a range of funds.

  • Governance & Fiduciary Services

    Trust is something that is earned

    Our knowledgeable teams in the Cayman Islands provide independent non-executive directors to hedge funds, fund of hedge funds, private equity funds, real estate, venture capital and investment management companies.

    Our directors are experienced in public accounting, law, fund administration and asset management. Each director has an average of 20 years of industry experience at a senior level prior to becoming an independent director. Our directors are independent of our clients and their service providers and as such, there are no conflicts of interest that impact the oversight provided. Each director ensures they have sufficient capacity and focus to properly discharge their duties to our clients. A director will take direct responsibility for discharging their fiduciary duties and will not delegate this to others.

    Our fiduciary services in the Cayman Islands include: 

    • Provide experienced, independent, non-executive board members and oversight to meet the needs of alternative investment funds and investment management companies
    • Serve as managing members of Limited Liability Companies, directors of corporate General Partners (GPs) and on Advisory Committees to GPs
    • Provide boardroom facilities in each of the jurisdictions where we operate
    • Assist with the selection of service providers and review of all contracts with them
    • Ongoing interaction with a fund's lawyers, auditors, and administrator
    • Document review at the start up and through a fund's life cycle
    • Liaison with regulatory authorities where required

HF Fund Services Ltd - Cayman Islands Team

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