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Our office in Ireland is located in Dublin, which is one of the leading global fund domiciles and fund administration centres in Europe. Given Dublin’s time zone, we are positioned to serve on funds that are managed out of Asia, Europe and North America. 

Equiom Fund Solutions Ireland Limited provides AIFM and UCITS Management Company solutions for European domiciled regulated funds. 

Why choose Ireland?

  • Significant established fund industry expertise
  • Competitive and pro-business country
  • One of the leading global fund domiciles and fund administration centres 
  • Economic stability
  • Strong legal and regulatory landscape
  • Leading jurisdiction for telecommunications and IT
  • English speaking EU location


Ireland Services

Equiom Fund Solutions Ireland Limited provides AIFM and UCITS Management Company solutions for regulated funds.

  • ManCo Services

    Equiom Fund Solutions Ireland Limited is authorised by the Central Bank of Ireland to provide independent third party management company and regulatory / governance services to UCITS and AIFs.

    Equiom’s Management Company (ManCo) provides investment managers with an outsourced platform that fulfils the regulatory and compliance obligations of their fund portfolios and serves as an independent risk monitoring function. 

    Our highly experienced team of fund professionals offer a scalable cost effective operating model with leading client service levels and fully independent governance, operational, distribution, risk management, and investment oversight functionality.

    EFSIL provides the option of a fully customised hosted solution or contracting directly with existing structures. We have strong relationships with the Fund Industry, Administrators, Depositaries, independent directors and the legal community. 

    We are proud to be one of the first ManCos to be authorised under the latest CP86 legislation in Ireland, which requires greater substance and oversight of fund operations.

    Our ManCo Services

    • Highly experienced funds, product, operations and governance professionals
    • Scalable, economical, product-neutral operating model
    • Governance and oversight of service providers to the funds 
    • Governance and oversight of the investment strategy
    • Independent governance service for investors 
    • Cost-efficient set up and on-going operating costs (compared to proprietary platform) 
    • Compliance with UCITS & AIFMD regulatory framework and substance requirements
    • Regulatory Reporting including AIFMD Annex IV reporting
    • Provision of the option for a fully hosted or bespoke standalone solution
    • Coordination and or provision of key ancillary services

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