Equiom's yachting services

Equiom is proud to manage a portfolio of ownership structures for some of the world’s most prestigious and valuable superyachts with all the hallmarks of outstanding service and dynamic, innovative solutions.

These exquisite, yet vulnerable assets demand the greatest level of protection and professional care. That is why our clients value the peace of mind of having an asset guardian like Equiom on board.

Our emphasis on client service and professionalism has won Equiom global recognition for its leading role in managing a varied portfolio of yachting and aviation clients. Our structures are bespoke and can be provided in a number of jurisdictions. The choice of jurisdiction is driven by our clients’ needs and the specific business advantages that the chosen location offers.

Our yachting services include:

  • Multi-jurisdictional yacht registrations
  • Bespoke yacht ownership structures for tax and VAT efficiencies, while ensuring full compliance
  • Formal and temporary EU importation of yachts
  • Financial, management and VAT reporting


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