Trust and foundation services

Over the years, we have earned an enviable reputation as leading professional trustees.

More importantly, Equiom has earned the respect of our clients for our ability to establish and maintain the most appropriate trust or foundation for their individual needs.

We are dedicated to maintaining the prosperity of our clients. After building up their wealth, it is no surprise that successful individuals and companies alike want to protect and enhance that wealth. Identifying the most appropriate structure to do that is crucial to making the most of those assets. This is where Equiom’s expertise can make a real difference.

Equiom can organise the initial establishment of a trust or foundation and administer it carefully to maximise the benefits. We will also ensure its legal and tax status is maintained - and provide regular accounting and financial reporting.

Equiom's trust and foundation services

  • Trust and estate planning solutions
  • Establishment and administration of trusts and foundations, which can hold a variety of financial and non-financial assets
  • Dedicated accounting and financial reporting

To discuss your requirements, please contact a member of Equiom's trusts and foundations team.

Download our Trusts and Foundations Information Sheet