eBusiness services

eBusiness is a fast-moving sector where rapid innovation and exciting new business models are constantly being formed and evolved. A digital arena where we interact with each other, with our clients and with the world.

As a result, many new possibilities are opening up. Yet it is in this fast-moving, fast growing sector where you need to carefully consider every move, especially business structures, jurisdiction and exit strategies. These play a crucial role in helping you achieve your goals and in making sure your efforts pay dividends.

Equiom’s practical experience and expert understanding is highly valued by established and successful eBusiness clients across the world. Over the years, our team’s insight into regulatory requirements and compliant corporate structures has become an invaluable resource for many eBusiness clients. Whatever your e-proposition may be, Equiom can guide you through the key decisions and facilitate your access to a world-class array of skills, experience and expertise.

Equiom's eBusiness services

  • Licence applications
  • eBusiness technical expertise
  • Tax efficient and compliant corporate structures
  • Provision of key personnel
  • Tax and VAT advice
  • Management and financial reporting

To discuss your requirements, please contact a member of Equiom's eBusiness team.

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