Nina Johnston TEP

Director - Corporate and Real Estate Services, Equiom Isle of Man

Nina Johnston

As a Director, Nina is responsible for the delivery of all aspects of client services in Equiom’s Isle of Man office.

She oversees a number of client services teams in the Isle of Man to ensure that Equiom's clients benefit from the highest levels of customer service and compliance in line with procedures and external regulatory requirements.

Nina is the high-level point of contact for a number of Equiom’s key corporate clients and she also plays a leading role in Equiom's Middle Eastern client service offering. 

Nina has extensive fiduciary expertise, with a particular focus on property. Her experience includes structuring/restructuring of commercial and residential property, refinancing of large commercial developments and securing financing for residential and commercial property.

With over 25 years’ industry experience, Nina travels extensively in order to maintain and enhance her relationships with clients and professional intermediaries whilst continually developing new relationships across Equiom’s global network.