Equiom Malta

Equiom (Malta) Limited was established in 2012 to expand Equiom’s international offering for its wide variety of services. Following the acquisition of Malta based fiduciary business DF Corporate Services Limited in September 2017 our Malta office has gone from strength to strength and has more than doubled in size.

Our Malta Services

The Equiom team in Malta offers a comprehensive range of corporate services as well as onshore EU opportunities. Services include the establishment and administration of trusts, asset protection through appropriate structuring, guidance on Malta citizenship, eBusiness, Maltese payroll, shipping, yachting and aviation.

As part of the global Equiom Group, our Malta office also provides clients around the world with access to European solutions.

Why choose Malta?

  • Full EU member since 2004 and a member of the Eurozone since 2008
  • 70+ double taxation agreements
  • Excellent legal and regulatory framework
  • Attractive corporate tax regime and limited withholding tax
  • Ability to re-domicile into Malta

Equiom (Malta) Limited is authorised to act as a trustee and fiduciary
services provider by the Malta Financial Services Authority

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Equiom's Malta office offers the following services:

Trust services

  • The establishment and administration of trusts
  • Dedicated accounting and financial reporting
  • Procurement of integrated administrative, custodian and management services through our network of preferred working partners
  • Assistance in the preparation of trust settlement agreements and, generally, assistance in the preparation and completion of any other ancillary documentation
  • Foundations

Company services

  • Insight and advice on structures for private and corporate clients
  • Company formation, including fiduciary and legal requirements
  • Full administration, tax planning and accounting support
  • Provision of key personnel, including company directors, nominee shareholders and secretarial services
  • Shipping companies
  • Investment holding companies
  • Trading companies
  • Limited partnerships (partnership en commandite) 
  • Corporate strategy and objectives
  • Escrow services
  • Redomiciliation

Aviation services

  • Aircraft registration
  • Aircraft administration
  • Management and financial reporting
  • Leasing and insurance agreements

Yachting services

  • Yacht registration - private/commercial
  • Yacht administration
  • Management and financial reporting
  • Yacht leasing
  • Purchase and sale
  • Yacht importation
  • Mortgage registration
  • Yacht financing
  • Resident Agent services

eBusiness services

  • Technical expertise and insight into the planning and implementation of appropriate structures

Shipping services

  • Ship registration and administration
  • Resident agent services
  • Ship financing

Other specialist services

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