Equiom seminar addresses tax changes for UK property owners

Wednesday 12 September 2018

Equiom Solutions, part of the international professional services provider Equiom Group, will be hosting a series of seminars in the coming weeks to discuss key issues concerning tax and estate planning for Asian residents, owning or investing in UK property.

The first two seminars will be co-hosted with the Hong Kong Chartered Insurance Institute on 10 September and the British Chamber on 12 September in Hong Kong. Next, Equiom will be hosting its first UK tax seminar in Japan, to be held in Tokyo on 13 September, followed by the final event at the British Chamber of Commerce in Singapore on 18 September.

Each of the events will feature a series of presentations directed at individuals and advisers with UK connections, especially those with UK property interests. Helen Woods, Managing Director of Equiom Solutions, will cover topics related to UK residence and domicile, with particular reference to pre-planning for individuals returning to the UK to live. Glenn Cassidy, Senior Tax Consultant will cover both residential and commercial UK property issues and look at the impact of the draft UK tax legislation released in early July 2018. More specifically, he will address the proposed taxing of gains realised by all non-residents on the disposals of UK ‘immovable property’, the taxing of any gains realised by non-residents on the disposals of ‘substantial interests’ held in ‘property rich’ entities and the meaning of these new terms. In addition, Glenn will outline the methods and tax impact of acquiring property and how this can be structured to deliver the most efficient result.

Helen Woods explained the idea behind the seminars: ‘In July 2018 draft legislation was released affecting owners of UK commercial property as well as additional changes affecting owners of UK residential property and these will be effective from April 2019. These changes could have a significant impact on Asian residents with UK property exposure. If you or your clients are concerned about whether this may affect you, please join us at one of the seminars where we will provide updates, potential solutions and address any questions that you may have.’

For more information on the seminars and to register, contact Tracy Leung on tracyleung@equiomgroup.com

  or visit our events page here