One year anniversary of Solid Japan becoming Equiom Japan – an interview with Managing Director, Greg McDonald

Tuesday 09 October 2018

Solid Japan joined the Equiom family a year ago. Greg McDonald, Managing Director of Equiom Japan discussed the highlights from the past 12 months and the future outlook that he sees for the business.

Tell us about yourself

I moved to Japan almost 17 years ago and have assisted more than 100 foreign companies setting up their entities, and provided them with advisory, accounting and payroll services. Prior to joining Equiom I was with Solid Japan for seven years, acting as the General Manager and Client Relationship Manager.

What do you see are the benefits of being part of the Equiom Group?

Joining the Equiom Group has been an excellent opportunity for my team and myself. My team has been able to work with some of the staff in the offices around the world in various jurisdictions, to improve their knowledge of international rules and compliance. It’s also been a great opportunity to assist me with running the business here in Japan because I have been able to benefit from the knowledge and experience of the other MDs and directors around the group.

What are your highlights from the past 12 months?

The launch event in Tokyo is certainly one of the highlights since the acquisition. It provided a fantastic opportunity for our clients and business partners to meet Equiom’s leadership team from around the world and discuss our mission, ambition, culture and people. Our clients were able to witness during the event the formal integration of Solid Japan in a global business and the direct benefits that they will receive as a result. It was an important event to formally present the Equiom brand to the Japanese market.

What can we expect in the future for the Japan business?

Looking into the future, we foresee more synergies between Equiom Japan and the other jurisdictions at various different levels. We have begun working very closely with our Asia and Middle East offices in the form of seminars and presentations and I believe our connectivity will only strengthen over time. Ultimately we will provide our clients with a one-stop experience whereby a single point of contact is maintained but they will have complete access to services across the world depending on their needs.

Equiom Japan is also looking to expand its offering to include real estate services and tax solutions. We hosted a seminar with CBRE recently in Hong Kong on Japan real estate as this has been identified as an area with optimistic business potential.

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