Peter Greenhill 'Case Closed' for Gallery Magazine

Monday 10 July 2017

Peter Greenhill, Head of eBusiness catches up with Gallery magazine about the things he cannot travel without.

About Peter

As Head of eBusiness, Peter is responsible for driving the growth of Equiom’s eBusiness proposition globally and providing expert advice to clients. He leads a team of experienced eBusiness professionals based in Europe and Asia. 

Equiom is an international professional services provider offering a range of innovative and effective business partnering solutions. Peter directs the Group’s eBusiness strategy across multiple jurisdictions. As a renowned expert in his field, he regularly visits countries throughout Asia and Europe representing Equiom at global, high-profile eBusiness and eGaming events.

Peter joined Equiom in 2015 from the Isle of Man Government’s Department of Economic Development where he held the position of CEO of eGaming Development. He has global experience in eBusiness and banking technology and in the areas of gaming, sports betting, casino operations, blockchain and digital currencies.

Peter's travel essentials

Peter has travelled on business for over 40 years worldwide, so naturally has essentials depending on where and for how long the trips will be.

To choose the right luggage (from my multiple options built up over time), size, sturdiness and security are all vital.

For short trips using carry on only luggage, this will have to contain my separate set of toiletries that are acceptable for carrying on the plane.

Larger luggage for long haul has to take as many suits, shirts etc that I need and the larger toiletries package. The carry on will have all items that I cannot lose or possibly have misdirected to another airport (again).

So wherever and whenever I am travelling, I must have with me in my carry on: 

  • Technology and accessories - for communicating with contacts and keeping in touch with the office, it is absolutely essential to have both a tablet and a phone (in my case the Surface Pro Tablet and my HTC phone). I always carry with me power cables and numerous adapters for countries that I’ll be visiting – there is nothing more frustrating than getting to a place and not having power or a means by which to charge my device that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg!
  • My cufflinks - those for the English FA and Arsenal FC, plus others (depending on where I am going and for what reasons) I have refereed for over 40 years and lived in many countries so each of these cufflinks start a conversation with people I meet along the way.
  • Ties - I always have my Arsenal tie (that goes with my cufflinks) BUT I never wear these on the day that Arsenal play – to preserve the luck – and I will only wear them on the next day as long as Arsenal win! I always have enough ties with me, just in case I or other people spill things on my tie, and also to have spares if someone has forgotten theirs. That never happened when I was helping Richard Branson and his team on a proposal to run the UK lottery – Richard doesn’t wear ties!
  • Business cards - more than enough for whatever trip I am on.
  • At least two USB sticks - containing presentations documents etc. that I need on that trip – don’t believe that if you put them in your checked baggage that it will arrive. Do not trust that the versions that you sent by email will have arrived and operate when you arrive.
  • My passport  - even if I am travelling from the Isle of Man to the UK, Jersey or Guernsey.  
  • Plastic cards of all sorts - the obvious ones to help with daily basic needs and a few others that are useful for a frequent traveller like me. I never forget my hotel loyalty cards and airline frequent flyer cards on any trip.
  • Cash - for the countries that I am visiting – not a lot but at least some. How many taxis in any country that you have visited do not have a credit card reader that is working, for some reason?
  • My European Health Service Card - In case something happens to me on my travels – that has meant so far (fingers crossed) that I have not needed to use it! Will that card access change after Brexit?


To learn more about eBusiness, please contact Peter Greenhill.