A spotlight on Alice Dumoitier

Date 26/06/2020
3 minutes to read
Alice Dumoitier

As a Director of Client Services,  Alice Dumoitier is responsible for the delivery of all aspects of client services in Equiom’s Jersey office. Continuing our spotlight series, we get to know Alice, her career journey, and what advice she'd pass on to her younger self. 

How did you take your own first steps to start a career in finance?

While studying for A Levels I volunteered at a youth club, as a teaching assistant and in a nursing home (learning the invaluable skill of hospital corners!), but I was quite undecided as to what to do when I left school. I shared my CV with some potential employers which luckily resulted in some interviews, enabled some insight into the finance industry, and in turn gave me the opportunity to really consider my options. Luckily I was offered a role as a trainee bookkeeper in a small trust company and I’ve not looked back since! 

Why do you think financial services is a career young people should consider?

It provides a great platform to learn transferable skills and study for a professional qualification that can be used anywhere.  The industry provides an opportunity for international travel and to gain exposure to different cultures. It’s an exciting and innovative industry that continues to move quickly as the global platform for business changes. Young people bring fresh ideas that invigorate our industry and make us continually re-evaluate how we do business. 

What should they look for in a potential employer? 

A forward thinking business that supports the growth and training of new starters regardless of their years of experience and offers a different outlook on the traditional business model. Jersey Good Business Charter companies (such as Equiom) are a good place to start as they have demonstrated their commitment to a series of standards including those relating to the wellbeing of their people and building a better community. 

What have you gained from getting involved in educational and career initiatives within the sector? 

Sharing my own journey will hopefully help people realise you don’t necessarily need to go to university. Many of the greatest minds in business didn’t go down the academic qualification route and there are entry level opportunities here in Jersey. We help to encourage diversity and opportunity within our business to assist young people to achieve something they may not have believed possible by supporting on the job training, studying and coaching from colleagues who have been in the industry for many years.

What do you do inside and outside work to keep yourself continually motivated and on top of your game?

I love running, going to Transform Together team sessions and being a member of the Jersey Gymnastics Club committee. At work I have an amazing team, who provide me with fantastic support and in return I invest my time and energy into helping them be the best they can be. 

Is there some advice you’d pass on to your younger self? 

Enjoy the opportunities that a career in finance can provide – even the things you don’t enjoy will widen your skill set! Always go to your boss with a potential solution to an issue, not just the issue. It might not be the answer they’re looking for, but in doing so you will show your ability to think independently while demonstrating your potential to add value. I would definitely tell my younger self initiative is key! 

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