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Equiom Luxembourg

Equiom (Luxembourg) S.A. was established following the acquisition of Carey S.A. in December 2017. This acquisition allowed Equiom to further expand our professional service offering with the addition of an experienced fund services capability. We are fully regulated by the 'Commission de Surveillance du Secteur financier' (CSSF), the supervisory authority of Luxembourg's financial sector.

Our Luxembourg team speak a range of languages including English, French, Dutch, German, Polish, Luxembourgish, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese.

Why choose Luxembourg?

  • Political and financial stability (AAA rating)
  • Largest cross border investment fund industry, outside of the US
  • Founding member of the European Union
  • Extensive double tax treaty network, fully compliant with OECD standards
  • Attractive institutional, legislative and fiscal framework
  • A well-regulated jurisdiction with a high reputation and standards

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Equiom (Luxembourg) S.A is supervised by the Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier' (CSSF), the supervisory authority of the Luxembourg financial sector. 


  • ACQ5 Awards
    • Full Service Company Formation Services Provider of the Year - 2018
    • Trust Company of the Year - 2018

卢森堡 服务

Our Luxembourg team provides a full suite of corporate and fund administration service and solutions, including alternative asset class entities and special purpose vehicles.

  • 公司服务

    Our corporate insight gives you valuable foresight

    Equiom simplifies the complex process of forming a company in Luxembourg. Our expertise has grown out of years of providing market-leading services - so we understand more than most the way that the corporate world works. Over the years, we have helped to incorporate and administer companies on behalf of a wide range of private and corporate clients, providing insight and advice on the appropriate structures for individual circumstances.

    We offer tailored corporate service solutions for Luxembourg legal entities, including holding and financing companies (Soparfis), private real estate structures, from incorporation to liquidation.

    We offer the following company services:

    • Tailored information on the appropriate company structures
    • Formation, registration and administration of a company
    • Provision of fiduciary and legal requirements
    • Company secretary, registered office and agent facilities
    • Investment holding companies
    • Local directorship
    • Liquidation services
    • Registered office facilities
    • Redomiciliation
  • 网络安全

    As a business or individual, we understand that your assets are important. SureCloud is an international provider of cybersecurity services which has worked with Equiom for a number of years to ensure the highest level of cybersecurity throughout our business. To pass on this invaluable expertise, we have engaged SureCloud in a referral agreement for SureCloud to help you remediate risks to assets, networks and data posed by cyber-attacks.

    SureCloud’s cybersecurity experts identify threats and vulnerabilities from a cyber perspective and help individuals and businesses to better understand how to protect their digital assets.

    The services offered by SureCloud encompass a range of preventative measures in cybersecurity for clients across the globe.

    SureCloud can offer private and corporate clients the perfect mix of technical expertise, service excellence and global reach. The cybersecurity services are offered by SureCloud, and Equiom receives a commission for referred business.

    SureCloud’s cybersecurity services include:

    • Online identity reconnaissance exercises to determine and demonstrate what information about you and your family is available online
    • Remote and local testing to identify vulnerabilities in your home networks
    • Ongoing support including face-to-face consultation, formal delivery, debrief session and liaison with your IT provider

  • 昊诚私人办公室

    Your interests are global – so are we

    A multi-faceted offering, the Equiom Private Office is a dedicated, specialist team of senior practitioners who tailor services to meet the individual requirements of clients, be they high net worth individuals or wealthy families.

    Our expertise is born out of years of providing market leading services. We work closely with the global Private Office team and together, we understand more than most changes impacting wealthy families.

    The Equiom Private Office team work closely with a global network of trusted intermediaries and provide tailored solutions to achieve optimal results. In a competitive market place we ensure that clients feel confident in our people, our services and our recommendations.

    Our Equiom Private Office services include:

    • Family advisory services including estate, succession and tax planning
    • Development of Special Purpose Vehicles (SPVs) and other more technically and secretarially intensive corporate structures
    • Residential and commercial real estate advisory
  • 基金

    Your local partner for funds

    Our experienced funds team deliver a client-focused service, covering a wide range of structures and asset classes including real estate funds, private equity, venture capital funds and fund of funds.

    Our knowledge in the sector stems from years of experience, with expertise in a number of areas such as fund administration services for regulated and un-regulated fund structures including SIF, RAIF, EUVECA, SCS/SCSp and Securitisation Vehicles.

    Our fund services include:

    • Fund administration services for regulated and un-regulated fund structures 
    • Administration of open ended and closed ended alternative asset class funds 
    • Central administrative agent; NAV calculation, regulatory reporting and annual accounts
    • Registrar and transfer agent
    • Domiciliary and company secretarial services
  • 信托与基金会

    我们的国际信托和基金会专家遍布全球最稳定、信誉最好的司法管辖区,为您确定最合适的信托结构,以保护和增长您的私人或公司财富和资产。 不管是普通法管辖区,还是民法管辖区,都有我们经验丰富的团队为您保驾护航。我们指导您理解当地复杂的法律法规,为您找到合适的解决方案,初步建立并精心管理信托或基金会,以帮您获得最大的收益。我们确保维持新公司的法律和税收地位,并定期提供会计和财务报告。 多年来,我们作为领先的专业受托人,致力于促进客户的繁荣,并赢得了令人羡慕的声誉。我们的目标是:今天我们帮助您更好的管理资产,建立您明天对资产的信心 - 确保您的家人、员工,和您贡献的慈善机构得到长远的资本保障。


    • 设立和管理信托和基金会,持有各种金融和非金融资产
    • 专业的会计和财务报告
    • 遗产规划
    • 建立和维护银行关系


    • 私人信托公司
    • 托管信托公司
    • 员工福利信托
    • 员工持股信托
    • 慈善信托
    • 产权单位信托
    • 目的信托
    • 遗嘱信托/试点信托
    • 遗嘱执行人服务


    • 保护和精心规划资产,以确保税收效率
    • 继任计划,完全控制逝后资产的分配
    • 遗嘱保密和避免公开审判

卢森堡 Team

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