For clients thinking of setting up a new business or re-structuring an existing company, Equiom simplifies the process by providing an appropriate solution and structure for that company. 

Equiom has been providing its market-leading company services for over 40 years, helping clients to meet their personal and business needs, while protecting their ownership and controlling interests every step of the way.

We offer the following company services for Institutional Asset Managers:

  • Company incorporation and registration
  • Formation of a trust / foundation
  • Establishing a branch of a foreign company (subject to market restrictions which we can guide you through)
  • Notarisation & attestation services
  • Government liaison and Public Relations Officer (PRO) support services
  • Key personnel, including company directors, nominee shareholders and company secretarial services
  • Market intelligence and due diligence 
  • Market insights and introductions to major buyers, projects, and government stakeholders
  • Escrow services


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